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We are a locally owned and operated company that strives to provide the most professional and complete needs to our clients. We are available for 24 hour customer service contact and the line goes directly to a supervisor. We are fully insured and licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services #11-15873.



Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

South River Security and Investigations provides business owners, event promoters, managers and private customers with professionally integrated solutions designed to quickly address any security concerns. We offer both armed and unarmed security guard services. Available 24/7, you will find our carefully recruited security guards to be reliable and professional. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection, understanding that each client’s situation is unique and can change at any time.


Private Investigations

South River has seasoned investigators that are ready 24/7 in Virginia and have the ability to travel to other states. Each of our professional investigators is licensed and has extensive experience. Our investigators are former law enforcement, former intelligence analysts, and seasoned investigators who are experts at what they do. They are trained to abide the law and provide non-bias advice and information regarding your situation. Our team has an extensive amount of experience in reporting techniques, as well as investigative law, including litigation issues, fraud investigation, infidelity investigations, intellectual theft, company theft, surveillance, and more.


Security Threat/ Vulnerability Assessments

 South River is able to provide assessments of potential threats to your operations and develop a detailed security and protection plan. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are applicable to your private residence, your headquarters, and/ or other physical locations i.e. distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations, executive residences and travel routes. To stay fully operational and profitable, a company can never be caught off guard.  


Process Service

South River provides skip trace and serve process from every court or jurisdiction. Most documents are attempted and served within 24 hours, unless needed immediately. Our service is all-encompassing, with no additional hidden fees or extras. Our standard for process server excellence is well above the rest, because our servers conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and reliability. Our management team personally trains every new server in the methodology and technology we use to provide the most precise service. 


Armed Transport

All of us take extra steps every day to ensure that we and our loved ones arrive safely and secure to our destinations, so why not do the same for your valuables? Why would business’s settle for substandard, unlicensed courier services to transport their valuable cash or product? We offer licensed and insured armed transportation services to ensure that your valuable assets arrive safely and on schedule. Every transport is escorted by a trained well-armed professional with law enforcement and or military experience. Regardless of what it is you need transported, we will get it safely to its destination and ensure person to person receipt of the items. 


Drone Services

Drones have become a very valuable and useful technology that is a much needed tool for pre-surveillance and evidence collection. Our drone pilots are well trained and certified professionals Insurance companies, attorneys, and all other private clients can all benefit from using drones! Drones can also be used to document construction sites, sink holes or disaster areas such as hurricane damage at the Virginia shore. Our recovery agents can now use aerial drones to locate property that may be hidden in a person’s backyard or deep in a construction site. Drones offer a cheaper alternative to hiring a pilot or chartering a plane. When it comes to litigation support drones have the potential to lower litigation cost. Please feel free to contact us if you have a need for aerial photography or video footage of an area.


Bug Sweep

  South River offers bug sweeps that detect traditional eavesdropping devices. This includes hidden recording devices, hidden cameras, and GPS trackers. Our professional investigators will provide a threat assessment of the client and the requested area. We provide bug sweeps for conference rooms, office buildings, residential homes, and vehicles. We will also make counter-surveillance recommendations tailored to our client. All of our clients are handled with the up most discretion and 100% confidentiality.

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